Evoking the soft touch
of textiles with Clarysse

3D Visualisation
Creative direction


Clarysse is a proud Belgian textile manufacturer that produces a range of linens for bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. HALT® created a series of visualisations that capture the essence of their premium product range.

Inspired by the softness of the linen — a gentle, plush approach informed the art direction and evoked the sensorial experience of the linens. Soft natural lighting and slow, calm movements created a premium and luxurious feel. The products were showcased in homely vignettes and artful abstractions that emphasised the materials and craftsmanship.

A Vortex of Material, Pattern and Colour

The products were spun into a layered vortex of various materials, patterns and colours. This unique way of displaying products is a reference to the circular motion apparent in the brand’s logo — showcasing the range of textures and colours on offer.