Playing with light
for Mermet’s renewed brand



Mermet, the original producer of high-tech sun protection textiles, enters a new era with a powerful brand refresh supported by imagery that evokes technological advancement and premium quality of its products.

HALT® approached the creation process with three keywords in mind: innovative, premium, and human. The combination of key attributes of Mermet’s top-notch products that serve users daily, as reflected in custom photography and 3D imagery.

The minimalist, monochrome 3D imagery is an ode to Mermet’s technological heritage and expertise. Images of threads getting woven into the fabrics become a high-end canvas for the brand’s visual language, serving both as hero images and backdrops for endless iterations

Cleanly staged photographs present the products in an abstract setting where people take centre stage. Neutral hues correspond with the colour palette of Mermet’s products, merging seamlessly with the overall brand universe. Play with shadows is a subtle hint at the products’ function.