Senior 3D designer


Job type
Full time

You are a C4D / Redshift 3D artist experienced in turning concepts into sharp and lively designs. With a 6th sense for extraordinary design and motion. A swift collaborator. A problem solver. An independent thinker who appreciates team spirit.

Are you? Please reach out.


You will independently design as well as collaborate with the rest of the 3D Team to produce high quality 3D imagery for commercial clients.


  • You have a proven record of 5+ years work in 3D design.
  • You have a general understanding of the 3D pipeline and the flexibility to play different roles depending on the project.
  • You are a smooth operator. Specifically in Cinema 4D and Redshift package.
  • You have strong modeling skills. (big plus)
  • Look development, texturing, scene assembly and lighting are under your thumb.
  • You know the theory and practice of technical and Mograph animation, Fx and simulation.
  • You have the ease and confidence of presenting to stakeholders at all levels.
  • Knowing any of this software is a big plus: Houdini, Unreal Engine 5, ZBrush, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Nuke, Python Scripting.


Leadership and responsibility are exciting to you, but you’re also willing to accept feedback and follow others because you understand that great ideas can come from anywhere. You sweat the details, and expect others to do the same. You’ve made it where you are by embracing every challenge, and seeing every challenge as an opportunity. You want to be here because you want to create things people love.


Full-time contract
Competitive salary
Meal vouchers
Alan health insurance
Events & talks
Home office one day a week