Eastpak’s new collection set in stone.



Eastpak makes products built to resist. The minimal and sturdy designs are classics in their own category, forever surprising with innovation. HALT was created a visual system that captures the key features of CNNCT, a new line of suitcases dedicated to young professionals who, too, dare to resist.

The featured product is fully modeled and textured in 3D, giving a hyper realistic visual result, with edgy urban settings evoking the feeling of brutalist architecture. Concrete structures that envelop the product reinforce the sense of lasting quality and provide an interesting background for the sleek and functional design of the hero product.

The movie is rooted in a duality principle, showing two complementary images simultaneously: an inspirational one and a product-focused one. Abstract moods and textures combine satisfyingly with sharp product imagery that showcases details and features of the product.