Industrial process made stunning.



Talalay Global is a leading manufacturer of high-tech latex solutions. To illustrate the 8-step manufacturing process of the brand's mattresses and sleeping accessories, HALT designed high-end visuals that correspond with the premium feeling of the updated brand identity.

The Talalay production process is unique within the industry and therefore worth illustrating appropriately. Rather than a traditional explainer video or stills, we opted for eight 3D visualizations that give off a more abstract, aesthetic feeling. Looped animations intrigue the viewer and reflect the exceptional touch, buoyancy and air permeability of the products.

The imagery feels surreal yet authentic thanks to the use of 3D simulation which enables the creation of realistic natural effects, such as the flow of liquids and the movement of the water drops. Stripped down and minimalistic, the art feels both dreamy and perfectly engineered, just like the material itself.