Capturing poetry in motion
for Novaya’s new brand



Novaya entered the market after a merger of two key players in the latex industry. Once brand strategy, story, and naming were crafted by SKINN, the time came for HALT® to build the visual universe that embodies the high-end, quality, and innovative spirit of Novaya.

This thoroughly modern, refreshing brand imagery consists of three core elements: bespoke gradients (also in combination with customised typography), conceptual portraits, and still-life product representations.

Bespoke portraiture

The series of captivating portraits were manually crafted at HALT’s studio during a photoshoot that brought together artistry and technical skills at their finest. The unique play of flare, colour, and blur refers to the state of hypnagogia, a transitional phase between wakefulness and sleep.

3D modelling combined with the characteristic Novaya gradient is what HALT® opted for in terms of conceptual product photography. Foam shapes are balanced in abstract, eye-pleasing compositions that draw upon the cliché images of balanced stones (connoting peace), here translated into a novel, refreshing depiction of an otherwise cumbersome, technical material.